Warped Coffee Table


We are the sum total of our experiences” – .Jean Paul Sartre.

Studio G is the place where gifted sculptor, Gerhard van Niekerk, mixes his creativity with functionality in creating handmade furniture and functional art.

Whilst Gerhard’s artistic talents presented themselves early in his life, he chose to pursue a life of entrepreneurship after studying fine art. After 15 years of hard work, Gerhard – thanks to the support and encouragement of his business partner and wife Toni and other long-time business partner Reitz Krige – has been granted the opportunity to re-enter his studio and live his dream of working primarily as a sculptor and designer. He now spends most of his days in his home studio where each Studio G piece is individually crafted by him and his assistant Amos. Amos, previously a brick-layer, enjoys working and learning under the watchful eye of Gerhard. What makes them such a great team is that Amos shares Gerhard’s satisfaction in high standards of quality and precision and his relentless pursuit of perfection.

Gerhard is based in the picturesque Boland town of Somerset West, which is nestled in between the rugged Helderberg mountain range and the idyllic Falsebay coastline. His inspiration for Studio G’s timeless furniture creations comes from his passion for sculpture and his beautiful surroundings.

What we Do


We personally design furniture & functional art.

Hand Crafted

All pieces are hand crafted in our studio.


We are available for unique commissioning work.

All of studio G’s functional art creations are personally designed by Gerhard and hand crafted in his studio.

The unique furniture is made from a specially formulated ultra high strength GFRC - glass fibre reinforced concrete.

The unique material and molding process, allows for the distinctive curves found in Studio G’s furniture.

Gerhard adapted this unique material and molding method from his vast Sculpture molding experience.

Interestingly GFRC has a specific gravity similar to that of high strength glass and therefore has the same weight as glass. This makes Studio G’s furniture extremely strong but relatively light.

Studio G also undertakes commissions. In order to explore the possibility of having your very own exclusive custom furniture created in Studio G’s distinctive style, please don't hesitate to contact Gerhard.

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