Peter Mammes


Artist statement

My belief is that there is no grand scheme, no final answers to any consequential questions. The important thing is dialogue between people to come to better resolutions and conceptions of complex ideas that ultimately can lead to a better society.

My work is a way to awaken a public and inner dialogue.

Ideas are complex, written language in its current form is perhaps not adequate to deal with all the intricate dimensions any idea has to offer, also language barriers and education hinder comprehension. I am developing a more comprehensive way to describe complex ideas, a fuller spectrum embedded with nuances as well as depicting its opposite at the same time. I am developing a symbolic approach. I have been studying how to understand hieroglyphics and it is a far more effective way to express reality in a way that forces you to think.

I assign symbolic values to my images and through combination create whole new meanings and contexts. I use pattern as a symbolic way to depict multicultural values to the ideas, patterns I have sourced around the world through travel and research. There is a deeper meaning in making a drawing, a universal language of symmetry, contrast, pattern and balance that is another layer in an artwork.

Symbolism is a way to circumvent censorship, images are more potent and lasting than any word could ever be. I am and always will be in the process of creating this language, its not possible to get to the end of this idea.