Peter Midlane


The subject of his work is primarily Eastern Cape landscape, but the iconology delves deeper into issues of mans’ mark on the land and the issues of land ownership and exploitation as well as regional history and myth. Peter continuously explores technique in his paintings and nothing is ever formularized. The paint is heavily layered to capture the true harshness of the Eastern Cape landscape and is inseparable from the iconology of the work. Colour is equally important. These works will remain as a body of work which reflect the continuous search of one man in an attempt to make sense of his world and how he fits in to it. In this sense, there is a kind of contemplative spiritualism in his paintings.

The etchings give Peter an opportunity to explore issues through line and tone and he intentionally avoids colour, but rather focuses on a range of intaglio techniques to create an austere, strongly dramatic, heavily tonal range of prints. The idea is to create a sense of the drama related to the Eastern Cape which hopefully reflects some feeling of its turbulent history and mythology.

Peter’s work has sold prolifically and can be found in numerous private collections. He is also represented in some corporate collections e.g. ABSA, William Humphreys Gallery- Kimberley, MTN collection, University of Fort Hare, Makana Brick and the University of Pretoria collection. His work is widely sort after by collectors of South African art.